”FUM FUM FUM” From Catalonia

Hello our nice friends!

This is our version of ”Fum fum fum”. We all trully loved it !!! Thank you for your suggestion.

We wish we will soon play more of your beautiful songs…

Hope you enjoy it…


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12 2013

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  1. Bruno Ruiz #

    Great performance of our Traditional Xmas carol!!!!!! :D CONGRATULATIONS DEAR STUDENTS!!!!!!!! And great Catalan accent too!!!!!!! ;) We can’t wait to hear you sing and play other songs from our country, as well as to sing many other lovely Greek songs!!!!!! :) In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all my best wishes for this new year 2014!!!!
    Good bye, dear friends!!!!! ;)

  2. spilioskounas #

    Thank you for your nice words..

    Today was the first day of our X-mast festival. Our kids played some carols including ‘Fum Fum’. Actually it was the first song played opening our festival. Everyone liked it a lot !!!
    Hope we can play more of your beautiful songs next year ! ! !

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