Where are we from? (II)

Our region is called Catalonia and it’s in the north-east of Spain. In the north there are the Pyrenees mountains, in the south there is the delta of Ebro, one of the most important rivers in Spain. In the west there is the Mediterranean sea, and in the east there’s another autonomous community called Aragón.

Catalonia is divided in four provincies called Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. The capital city of Catalonia is Barcelona.

We have our own parliament and our current president is called Artur Mas.One of our symbols as Catalans is our flag, called “Senyera” and our saint patron is “sant Jordi” (saint George). We celebrate saint George’s day each 23rd April and it’s one of the most important and merry days in Catalonia!

Our current president, Mr.Artur Mas

The Catalan flag, called "Senyera"

Catalan is the second more spoken language in Spain with over 11.000.000 of speakers, and it’s spoken apart from in Catalonia, in València, in the Balearic islands, in Andorra, in a region in the south of France called Rosselló (Roussillion in French) and in a town in Sardinia called Alguer (Alghero in Italian).

Some important Catalan people from the past or nowadays are the famous painters Joan Miró or Salvador Dalí, the worldwide-known architect Antoni Gaudí, the musician and cellist Pau Casals, the soprano Montserrat Caballé, the NBA basketball player Pau Gasol, the football player Gerard Piqué, or the current manager of Bayern Munich football club Josep Guardiola.

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