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Epirus, or the Epirus Region (called Ipiros in greek), is a geographic region in the western central Greece.

It is placed near the regions of West Greece to the South, Macedonia and Thessaly to the east the Ionian Sea to the west and Albania to the north.


Arta is one of the biggest cities, capital of the regional unit of Arta, which is part of Epirus region.

The city was known in ancient times as Ambrakia.
Our city is known for the famous medieval bridge over the Arachthos River.

Arta is also known for its ancient sites from the era of king Pirrus and its well-preserved 13th-century castle.

Arta’s Byzantine history is reflected in its many Byzantine churches. The most famous is Parigoritissa, built about 1290.

Brief History

Legend has it that Athaman the son of Eolos and King of Orchomenos in Viotia, found shelter in the Tzoumerka Mountain where he found the Kingdom of Athamani.

One century later, Corinthian colonists found Amvrakia their first commercial settlement. It was located where the city of Arta currently is.

In 168 BC, Amvrakia was besieged and conquered by the Romans, who plundered all the city’s treasures. Many centuries later, during the 4th Crusade , Mikhail Angelos Doukas came to the city and founded the Dominion of Epirus with Arta as this capital.

The city reached its peak between 1236 and 1268 when most of the churches and its castle were built .

In 1449 though Arta succumbed to the Turks and the city was annexed back to Greece in 1881.

(presented by Petsimeri Eleftheria, Priovolou Dimitra, Rapti Lina, Samara Konstantina, Tsolis Kostas)


06 2014

Epirus, Arta and it’s music…

The music of Epirus
The music of Epirus has a long history.
People are used to play or listen this kind of music to dance and have fun.
The most common musical instruments of Epirus music are:
the clarinet,
the clarinet is a long wind instrument, which is used to play folk songs in local festivals.
ntefi (tambourine) is a percussion instrument which is very popular among Greeks
violin and lute,
The lute and the violin are string instruments. They are also very popular in the Greek islands.
or the flogera (kind of flute)
The traditional music of Epirus is based mostly on four (4) of the above musical instruments.
The most important are the traditional clarinet and the ntefi (tambourine).
The other two (2) musical instruments are the traditional violin and the lute.
The music of Epirus usually has sad sound and accompanies traditional dances.
The songs are either monophonic or polyphonic.
The lyrics of the songs are inspired by the daily life of the people.
The music of Epirus sounds more in the villages than the cities.
Also, there are orchestras which play in summer festivals in the mountains to entertain people.
(presented by Chris Gouidas and John Papachatzakis)


06 2014