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Receiving your lovely presents…

Here are some photos of the day we received your wonderful presents…

Everyone was full of enthusiasm…

Your gifts were perfect…

We wish to meet soon wearing them…

Thank you very much !!!

Your Greek friends…


04 2014


Dear friends,

During the Comenius meeting of our shared project “Our Voices across Europe” in Budapest, which took place from the 16th to 21st March 2014, miss Poupard received from Mr. Ruiz the presents that the Catalan students had specially prepared for all of you. We really hope that you like them as much as we loved yours!!!! Here you can see a couple of pictures of that moment. But just a couple…..!!!! In this way it will be a surprise!!!! ;)

Greetings from your friends from Catalonia!!!!!! :D

Ελπίζουμε ότι σας αρέσουν! :)


03 2014


Hello everybody!!

Last Wednesday we received some presents from our dear Greek friends. They were all lovely!!!! There were some photo montages of the Catalan flag together with the Greek school’s logo and the name of the project, a lovely picture symbolizing the brotherhood between our nations and schools (by Despina ;) ), and even a painting with the Greek and the Catalan flags. We were all so impressed!!!! There were also many colourful wristbands and  key-rings too. Thanks a lot, dear friends!!!! :)

Here you can see all of us with your lovely presents!!!! And of course, the painting was placed on the wall of our music classroom together with Despina’s picture. Now it looks better and will always remember us about you, our dearest friends from Greece!!!!

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ, παιδιά!!!!

The presents from our Greek friends!!!

Nice wristbands and key-rings!!

Painting with the Greek & Catalan flags. Thanks, dear painter!! ;)

Now the music classroom looks better!!! :D

Thank you, dear Greek friends!!!

Do you like our lovely wristbands & key-rings? :P


02 2014