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Well, this will be my last post and I would like to tell you something. As I told you more or less a month ago, this time there would be no controls or exams, but you would have to work much more and even harder in a different way! And as you can see now, you really have worked a lot more!!!! But, as I have seen day after day, you have learnt a million times much more this time than during all your three and a half previous years!!!! And moreover, we have all had a very good time!! It’s true,I am really proud of the work you have all done! Well done to all of you!!

This year we have done many things together: the Xmas play, the blog  and in some days time we will all sing together “IMAGINE” by John Lenon during your Graduation (with me playing the piano! ;-) )… Now I can tell you it has been a pleasure to work and do all these things with you.

Well, everything is coming to an end… Let me tell you that my farewell song is called “SOMETHIN’ STUPID“… This song became very famous during the late 60’s and it was originally recorded by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra. It soon became one of  the most popular duets in the history of modern & popular music! In 2001, due to the success of Nicole Kidman singing in the film “Moulin Rouge”, a record company offered her to sing a new version of that duet this time with Robbie Williams.  This song became  an incredible hit and sold 98,506 copies in its first week and 366,000 copies over all.

And now it’s time to listen to it! I hope you’ll enjoy it! When I listen to it, it makes me feel happy and positive, and it makes me think about a better tomorrow.

YouTube Preview Image


Best wishes,

Bruno Ruiz


Hey guyz!!

I don’t like the idea of posting a song before my farewell post, but I realized I didn’t post this song and if I don’t post it now, I’ll regret the rest of my life.

The song is called music is my hot hot sex from Cansei de ser Sexy, also known as CSS. It’s a Brazilian band formed in Sao Paolo in 2003. They mix rock, pop and electro music with other types of art like cinema, design and fashion. They stand out because of their unconcerned and alternative image.

Music is my hot, hot sex is a song which starts in English and finishes in Brazilian. It’s really catchy, I love it!!

Here you have the lyrics and the vid, enjoy it!!:

YouTube Preview Image

From all the drugs the one i like more is music
From all the junks the one i need more is music
From all the boys the one i take home is music
From all the ladies the one i kiss is music (muah!)

Music is my boyfriend
Music is my girlfriend
Music is my dead end
Music is my imaginary friend
Music is my brother
Music is my great-grand-daughter
Music is my sister
Music is my favorite mistress

From all the shit the one i gotta buy is music
From all the jobs the one i choose is music
From all the drinks the one i get drunk is music
From all the bitches the one i wannabe is music

Music is my beach house
Music is my hometown
Music is my kingsize bed
Music is my hot hot bath
Music is my hot hot sex
Music is my back rub
Music is where i’d like you to touch

Fui escoteira-mirim
Direto da escola, não
Não ia cheirar cola
Nem basquete, pebolim
O que eu gosto não é de graça
O que gosto não é farsa
Tem guitarra, bateria, computador saindo som
Alguns dizem que mais alto que um furacão (rhéum)
Perto dele eu podia sentir
Saía de seu olho e chegava em mim
Sentada do seu lado
Eu queria encostar
Faria o tigela até o sol raiar
Debaixo do lençol
Ele gemia em ré bemol
Fiquei tensa
Mas tava tudo bem
Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também

Do you dare to sing the end of the song?? ;P




bye people thaks for this year T_T

I’m post this song Summercat this song speaks for two persons that say goodbye after the love summer im post before but Bye people

never forget this year!!!!!!!!!!!  been a memorable
Thanks for this year people =)

Summercat in the spot from estrella damm

YouTube Preview Image

Carlos Cande Alba Juan Tete Andreu all people Thanks  :)



I think that it reflects the topic of the farewell, and above I like the group.

YouTube Preview Image

Avui comença el compte enrera que tan he desitjat
parat el temps a la vorera avui m’he de decidir
i no ho sé, com anirà, i no ho sé, com m’afectarà
Deixaré que la carretera em guïi els primers dies
i no em farà dubtar de res, és la meva utopia
i farem un lloc, de companyia
i amb els ulls ben nous, i amb compromís.

Ja veuràs com serà així
com t’omplirà per dins
has de deixar que actui la màgia
tingues sols un pensament
deixa’l caure a l’horitzó
serà molt millor del que hauries imaginat
del que hauries imaginat.

Val la pena desitjar
que vingui un nou despertar
he fet fora els pensaments, que no porten enlloc
i ara tinc l’espai i molta distància
i tot ho veig més clar, més viu, més ple.

Sóc capaç de decidir
però mai el que surt de mi
sembla que tingui “prouta” importància
no vull res més que ser com sóc
vull esperar que l’hortizó
hi hagi algú que m’ escolti
que ens escolti, a tots.

Ja veuràs com serà així
com t’omplirà per dins
has de deixar que actui la màgia
tingues sols un pensament
deixa’l caure a l’horitzó
serà molt millor del que hauries imaginat
del que hauries imaginat.

Enjoy it.

PD: We can make the blog opened to be in contact…

I hope we see more times, because it has been the best year in the school.

Thanks and bye

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the truth been a great pleasure working in a school blog to share with this blog i work we have done during this last quarter I was able to exploit
thanks Anna
thanks Bruno
thanks class







BY: ANDREUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      BELAKOUUUUUURRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Farewell

This is my last post and I would say thank you, thank you for be here.

This is more than a farewell of a blog

Is a farewell of he ESO, the final of the school

And, the next year, I only see one person that I know

Well, I wish everybody a happy and nice future

And, if you read this, thank you

This song is from my favourite group, Within temptation

And his name says all,

Our Farewell

YouTube Preview Image

Well my friends:

I don’t say goodbye

I say see you one day…

Farewell post!!!

Hi everyone!!

Well, it’s time to say goodbye. Our blog is almost over. It’s been a great experience and I enjoyed myself so much. However, what makes me so happy is the fact that you’ve been working hard and, the most important part of it, you’ve enjoyed yourselves.

So, just to say goodbye I’ve decided to post a song by Sopa de Cabra. The song is called “Els teus somnis” and I think it is rellevant right now when you find yourselves at the end of secondary education. I just want to send you this message: FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS.

YouTube Preview Image

I wish you all the best.



The goodbye

Hello people!!!

As you can see everything’s finishing… L and that’s a pity. We’re told to write our farewell post, which will stay forever and ever, you know, and I hope all of you read all the posts and write one. Well… how to start… it’s quite difficult cuz we can’t “write the Holy Bible”.


So, obviously I want you to know that I’ll miss every one of you! This last year has been amazing… we’ve turned into a FAMILY. We’ve shared a lot of nice moments… others not so good… but all of them TOGETHER. We’ve laughed… some have cried in front of us… we’ve struggled for a lot of exams, things… like the trip to LONDON!

And also I want you to know all that I’ll never forget all that stuff. You’ve been very special and (it’ll sound twee) you’re all in my heart: both the classmates and the teachers, we are “Turbula family”.

Besides, I hope yall reach all of your dreams and aims, and I encourage you to ALWAYS keep trying and climbing, and NEVER GIVE IN.


Very special thanks to Anna and Bruno: because without you this project wouldn’t have been possible, and for all the things you’ve taught us and your patience. I think this project has united you and us. Finally I hope next year you’ll have good students and you’ll have a great time with them [but not better than with us¬¬ hahaha]


More than a “goodbye” I hope it’ll be a “see you soon”. We could arrange a lunch or supper in 2 years time or something to meet and see how things will have changed.

So I think I forget nothing…





All my love,

Alexandra εїз xoxo


Here I leave the “farewell song” it’s called “all good things (come to an end) by Nelly Furtado.

1- All good things (come to an end) [English version]


2- Todo lo bueno tiene un final [Spanish version]

YouTube Preview Image

4th A