bye people thaks for this year T_T

I’m post this song Summercat this song speaks for two persons that say goodbye after the love summer im post before but Bye people

never forget this year!!!!!!!!!!!  been a memorable
Thanks for this year people =)

Summercat in the spot from estrella damm

YouTube Preview Image

Carlos Cande Alba Juan Tete Andreu all people Thanks  :)

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6 Responses to “bye people thaks for this year T_T”

  • Comment from cristianmartinez

    PD: people read the last message in the video

    and not forget the message never!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from javier

    jejejejeje, you liked this music, no?

  • Comment from cristianmartinez



    do you like the video?

  • Comment from brunoruiz

    Hi Chistian! You say we have to “read the last message in the video, and not forget the message never!!!!!!!!”……

    Well, I’ve read it and there it says “Carlos Cande Alba Juan Tete Andreu all people Thanks”, and as I can’t read Bruno anywhere I suppose I’ll be included in “All people Thanks”! ;-)

    As I told you at the beginning of all this stuff, it didn’t matter your English level, the only thing that was important was that you tried it!!!! And for goodness sake, you have “tried it” well enough!! I’m really proud of the work you have done, and it doesn’t matter if you are not Shakespeare! Well done!! :-)

  • Comment from cristianmartinez

    yes bruno the message is

    “lo bueno nunca acaba si algo te lo recuerda”

    im think ” espero no perder los recuerdos de este año”

  • Comment from brunoruiz

    Of course, I was joking!!! Hehehe… ;-) By the way, Christian: IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr…..