Our Farewell

This is my last post and I would say thank you, thank you for be here.

This is more than a farewell of a blog

Is a farewell of he ESO, the final of the school

And, the next year, I only see one person that I know

Well, I wish everybody a happy and nice future

And, if you read this, thank you

This song is from my favourite group, Within temptation

And his name says all,

Our Farewell

YouTube Preview Image

Well my friends:

I don’t say goodbye

I say see you one day…

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2 Responses to “Our Farewell”

  • Comment from alexandrapascual

    Fernando I won’t see you in class next year but at least I’ll see ya in the neighbourhood! :)
    Good luck in Sant Gabriel!

  • Comment from genesismendoza

    Oh my god..
    Fernando this song it’s very very beautiful…
    And Who is this person?
    and we will continue meeting always, every day, you know it.