Well, this will be my last post and I would like to tell you something. As I told you more or less a month ago, this time there would be no controls or exams, but you would have to work much more and even harder in a different way! And as you can see now, you really have worked a lot more!!!! But, as I have seen day after day, you have learnt a million times much more this time than during all your three and a half previous years!!!! And moreover, we have all had a very good time!! It’s true,I am really proud of the work you have all done! Well done to all of you!!

This year we have done many things together: the Xmas play, the blog  and in some days time we will all sing together “IMAGINE” by John Lenon during your Graduation (with me playing the piano! ;-) )… Now I can tell you it has been a pleasure to work and do all these things with you.

Well, everything is coming to an end… Let me tell you that my farewell song is called “SOMETHIN’ STUPID“… This song became very famous during the late 60’s and it was originally recorded by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra. It soon became one of  the most popular duets in the history of modern & popular music! In 2001, due to the success of Nicole Kidman singing in the film “Moulin Rouge”, a record company offered her to sing a new version of that duet this time with Robbie Williams.  This song became  an incredible hit and sold 98,506 copies in its first week and 366,000 copies over all.

And now it’s time to listen to it! I hope you’ll enjoy it! When I listen to it, it makes me feel happy and positive, and it makes me think about a better tomorrow.

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Best wishes,

Bruno Ruiz

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  • Comment from alexandrapascual

    Bruno this blogs has been the bestESTEST exercise we’ve ever made in school! it’s modern, comfortable (cuz we could do it anytime, anywhere) and special!! We’ve lived this experience very deeply (we changed decades as if we were in our relative’s homes eating the grapes for new year’s eve) and stuff like that.

    This year I’ve really liked your subject, music, I’ve seen it from a different point of view. In 1st and 2nd I didn’t like it at all, last year I liked it, but this year I’ve LOVED it! Music is in our lives and it moves the world. I’ll really miss this subject next year :’(

    As I said to Anna, THANK YOU BRUNO!!

  • Comment from brunoruiz

    You’re welcome, Alexandra. I’m happy you’ve changed your mind about my subject!! But let me only remind you that you all have changed so much since 1st ESO!!! YOU ARE NOT THE SAME STUDENTS THAT STARTED THE ESO 4 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps this partially explains everything! And please, leave me forget many of those students who started the ESO 4 years ago….!!!!!! Ehem…… And don’t make me speak….. (heheheehe) ;-)

  • Comment from alexandrapascual

    Yeah… better!! xD Maybe if those ones were here with us… nothing would’ve changed… But well this stuff are from the past, now we’re in the present/future :)

  • Comment from brunoruiz

    Of course!!! Thank God!! ;-)