The goodbye

Hello people!!!

As you can see everything’s finishing… L and that’s a pity. We’re told to write our farewell post, which will stay forever and ever, you know, and I hope all of you read all the posts and write one. Well… how to start… it’s quite difficult cuz we can’t “write the Holy Bible”.


So, obviously I want you to know that I’ll miss every one of you! This last year has been amazing… we’ve turned into a FAMILY. We’ve shared a lot of nice moments… others not so good… but all of them TOGETHER. We’ve laughed… some have cried in front of us… we’ve struggled for a lot of exams, things… like the trip to LONDON!

And also I want you to know all that I’ll never forget all that stuff. You’ve been very special and (it’ll sound twee) you’re all in my heart: both the classmates and the teachers, we are “Turbula family”.

Besides, I hope yall reach all of your dreams and aims, and I encourage you to ALWAYS keep trying and climbing, and NEVER GIVE IN.


Very special thanks to Anna and Bruno: because without you this project wouldn’t have been possible, and for all the things you’ve taught us and your patience. I think this project has united you and us. Finally I hope next year you’ll have good students and you’ll have a great time with them [but not better than with us¬¬ hahaha]


More than a “goodbye” I hope it’ll be a “see you soon”. We could arrange a lunch or supper in 2 years time or something to meet and see how things will have changed.

So I think I forget nothing…





All my love,

Alexandra εїз xoxo


Here I leave the “farewell song” it’s called “all good things (come to an end) by Nelly Furtado.

1- All good things (come to an end) [English version]


2- Todo lo bueno tiene un final [Spanish version]

YouTube Preview Image

4th A

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2 Responses to “The goodbye”

  • Comment from brunoruiz

    Oh, Alexandra, it’s really moving what you have written in your Farewell Post! :-o
    And now I can see from your class-group photograph that you have all grown up so much this year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe….. :-D

  • Comment from alexandrapascual

    Thank you Bruno, I love writing and it was a good time to do so.
    I agree with you, we all have gorwn up in different senses.