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My name is Dani and I’m 15. I’m from Sant Adrià de Besós where is next to Barcelona. I think I’m lazy, funny and confident. In my family we’re my father, my mother, my brother whose name is David and I. My favourite hobbies are play basketball and play computer games but if I can I play basketball on Saturday or Sunday. My favourite music is Nü Metal or Rock like Linkin Park or AC/DC.

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10 2010

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  1. sergis #

    Very beautiful (Y)

  2. Anna Corredera #

    Good morning, Dani!!

    Finally on board. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Bruno Ruiz #

    Hi Dani! Our first student to comment on HELLO EUROPE! I hope you’ll enjoy posting about music this year! Bye bye!! :-P

  4. kevins #

    Hahahaha, a nice photo Dani, as I expected, you were playing computer games xDD

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