David Barrero Lavado

My name is David and I’m 15. My parents are from Extremadura but we live in Sant Adrià, a big town next to Barcelona. I have a sister, Desireé. I think I am a happy boy, funny and friendly and my favorite music is “flamenco” ( typical Spanish kind of music)
My hobbies are playing football in a team, I love football, and drawing in my spare time. My favorite team is F.C.Barcelona.
I’ve two mother tongues: Spanish and Catalan but I hardly ever speak Catalan, always Spanish. I have studied English since I was a child.
Goodbye friends!

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10 2010

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  1. david #

    teacher I can’t put a photo in the post! :( Sorry!

  2. Bruno Ruiz #

    Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… :-(
    Well, nevermind, this will be “The Neverending Story”!!!!!!
    OK, at least you’ve tried it. Bring tomorrow the photo in your pen, and I’ll try to upload it for you at school. OK??
    See U tomorrow with your photo in your pen!!!!!! Bye!!

  3. Anna Corredera #


    Where is your picture? Didn’t you post it? You could do it until 8 pm!!! Did you try it? Please tell us what the problem is, otherwise it’ll take you ages to get the picture on the blog. Oh my God!!!!!!

  4. burakk #

    Hi; Davit ,Bruno ,anna

  5. Bruno Ruiz #

    Hi Burak!How are you??? :-)
    We are waiting for your profiles!! Ahmet, Ali Yildirim and Taylan have already sent theirs!!!
    BYE!!! ;-)

  6. Anna Corredera #

    Hi, David. It’s Anna. At last I could upload your photo, so here you are. See you tomorrow.

  7. laiap #

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaviiiid :)

  8. itziarm #

    I love youuu <3!

  9. ericr #

    Hi Barrero!
    How are you?
    Where were you take this photo?
    Bye David!!

  10. david #

    the photo was to take in the graduation!! :) ;)

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