:( BYE BYEEEEE ! :,(

Posts with this work I had fun, I met new friends, songs and many styles of music. I leave with some of my country cumbia group K-chiporros with the music Yapirona, explains that a boy gave him cheating on his girlfriend with his cousin because she was ignoring her. Actually I’m going to miss you and always remember these moments we spent together in that music was the common factor that united us. With tears in their eyes tell them that you will remember forever. I love you very much. Poro haihu enterovetevape :(

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05 2011

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  1. Bruno Ruiz #

    KCHIPORROS AGAIN????????? As Pedro????? Ohhhhh…… They must be really famous there in Paraguai!!!!! :P
    By the way, Anna and I are waiting to see you and Pedro dancing that popular Paraguaian dance that you danced to Blanca!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. sergis #

    :( good bye friend I love you

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