GOOD BYE.!! :’(


It is my first year in this college and the first time that I made the post and certainly ” I like very much and I entertained   “. Friends only I have to say to him that this was a great experience and you eat I will forget it.
 I say goodbye with a bit of cumbia that is from my country.. I hope that they like…       JAJETOPATA UPERIRE ANGUIRU KUERA..POROHAYHU..!!


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05 2011

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  1. Bruno Ruiz #

    But what does “JAJETOPATA UPERIRE ANGUIRU KUERA..POROHAYHU..” mean??????????? :o It seems Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P That’s Guaraní, isn’t it?????? I like Cumbia too!!!!!! :) I discovered this kind of music 2 years ago thanks to another Paraguaian student!!! So Hernán and you haven’t been the first ones in Turbula School!!!!!!!!! 8) … It’s a pity, this has been your first year in this school and it will be your last one!!!!! :o By the way, what will you study next year????
    Anyway, see you on Monday!!!!! Bye Pedro!!!!!!! :)

  2. sergis #

    its a machine Pedro … jajajajaja god bye friend

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