Friendss :) Unfortunately this blog is ended and we have to say goodbye, but I’ll never forget this experience because we have learnt a lot of vocabulary and how to communicate with other people who don’t talk Spanish.

Well, that’s all friends and to say goodbye I’ve tried this song because I think it’s ideal: Adiós con el corazón (Goodbye witht the heart)

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As we say in Spain: Hastal luego Lucas!

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05 2011

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  1. Bruno Ruiz #

    Well, Kevin, you’ve learnt a lot of vocabulary in English, and many songs by different bands and singers of many different musical styles!!!!!! So you’ve also learnt about music through English, isn’t it great???????? :D :D
    And by the way, how could you say that, “Hasta luego Lucas??????” (“See you later, Luke!”):P :P That’s nonsense, Kevin!!!!! OH MY GOD…………..!!!!!

  2. sergis #

    friend happy summer good song bye :)

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