Goodbye and thank you all!

Hello everybody,

I cannot believe I am already writing a goodbye message to you all. The past six months have been simply amazing. I have learned so much from my time in the school. I could not imagine having a better experience than this. From the moment us three Language Assistants arrived in the school in January we felt so welcome.

Specifically I want to thank Noemi and all the Nursery teachers and Loles and all the Preschool teachers for allowing me to teach your brilliant students. Thanks to all the teachers for helping me, I had so much fun while learning so much (Marta and Noemi for useful tandems).Thank you to the students for making me smile every single day and trying their very best every day. Special thanks to Anna Corredera, for everything.

Thanks to Jordi, for facilitating our experience and all the staff in the school for helping us, feeding us and being so lovely. I will miss you all terribly. Though this chapter is closed, I know for sure I will come back to visit when I can.

Again, my warmest “THANK YOU” and I hope to see you all soon,

For now its ¡hasta luego!

With love,


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07 2017

Adios Turbula!

So this is it. The last blog post from me and I honestly cant believe my time in Turbula is over. It doesn’t seem real yet, just as we are getting comfortable we have to go again :( Words cannot describe the experience I have had over the last six months it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, but more importantly the people I have met.  Everyone in Turbula you will all stay in my heart forever. From the minute I arrived everybody was so accommodating and welcoming and I felt so at home which made the first few weeks so much easier. As the weeks went on you all became more then just people I worked with, everyone became like family and friends and the relationships and bonds I formed with everyone are something so special. For this reason it made leaving so much harder and there were so many tears from everyone! Yes, goodbyes are difficult but I know I have made friends for life so I’m sure I will be back again! Finally, I want to say thanks to Anna Corredera who I worked very closely with and was there for me every time I needed something, who looked out for me, and who taught me so much. Anna you’re amazing and you honestly inspired me so much in so many different ways! Thank you for everything. Turbula you are amazing,  its not a goodbye its a see you later!

I love you all xxxx


06 2017

Goodbye Escola Turbula :(

Wow what a week! filled with laughs and a lot of happy and sad tears. Our time here has come to an end, I can’t believe how fast the 6 months went by and also how the staff and students of school made us feel so warm and welcome to their school. The experience has been an unforgettable and an amazing one! To everyone who guided me and taught me along the six months of my stay I want to say thank you! You have all been incredible. When we arrived in Barcelona we were so nervous and scared about how we would fit into the school and how our experience would unfold. Certainly that changed from our very first week in the school. The hospitality blew our minds and made us feel like we now had a second home. We grew attached to the staff and students very quickly and that’s why there was many tears this week because we bonded with you not only as a teacher but also as your friend and this is what made the goodbyes so much harder because of the strong and unique relationships we made. Goodbyes are never easy! It was hard coming here saying goodbye to our family but it was even harder leaving here because you were our second family and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

To the teachers and students of primary I can’t thank you enough you are truly an amazing group of people you’ve taught and guided me through this journey of my life, you’ve made me laugh and cry all in happiness you’ve laughed with me through my funny moments of pronouncing and trying to learn the Spanish and Catalan language but of all this you made it my home I enjoyed every moment of being in your presence and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in the future and I hope I will get to see you very soon! Te Quiero <3

Primary English Team!!!!


To all the staff thank you for treating us like your own!!

Our students but more importantly our friends!Anna a very important and special person to the school who will be truly missed!And finally a very important gift I received today from the students and teachers of primary with very special notes and photos as well as each students signature.. this was incredible and I will always remember and keep this close to my heart. Thank you so much words can’t describe my emotions right now. Turbula you have been amazing and I am so happy to have  been apart of your school I will remember you always! This is not goodbye it’s a see you soon.

Adios Amigos

Con mucho carino




06 2017

Universal Literature – Pizza Report

Hello everyone,

Over the last few weeks the students in Universal Literature have been reading a book of their choice and then after they had all finished they were asked to make a ‘pizza report’ on their book. The activity was to help improve reading and writing, and also to see how well they really understood the book. It was a very creative way of doing this tho, as they had to decorate the outside of the box and then on each pizza slice was a different heading that they had to write information on. Some of the headings were ‘plot’, ‘book rating’, ‘author’, ‘genre’, and then finally a reflection.

The end result was amazing and the pizzas transformed from white boxes into lovey creative and bright pizza reports! I think they really enjoyed doing this activity also!

Here are some of the finished works:


Under The Sea

Hello all,

Our final unit of study for the P4 classes is “Under the Sea”. Using flash cards to learn the names of the sea creatures and songs to reinforce them, we had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of Maites class with colourful  jellyfish and dolphins. The students picked from five different colouring sheets and then copied the names of the sea creature onto the paper. Both classes took a day trip to Vilanova to see fish. We left the school early and then spent the day in Vilanova with the instructors, ending with some games on the beach, before returning to school on the bus. It was very enjoyable!

In the P3 classes, we were learning about the farm. We learned the song “Old McDonald Had A Farm” to help the students remember the names of the animals and what noise they make. Then we coloured some animals like cow, rooster, horse, pig and chicken.Then we looked at videos of the farm and the different animals on it. We played a game which involved me saying an animal and the students responding with the corresponding noise.The units are nearly completed now and unfortunately our time as language assistants in the school is nearly over. I will post again this week to say goodbye (sadly).

Thank you for reading,



06 2017

Autism Awareness

So over the last few weeks 1st Batx have been reading a book called ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ which is all about an autistic boy called Christopher, who ’s dog is killed and he sets out to find the killer. On his journey he has to overcome some obstacles which you face when you have autism for example, talking to strangers.

When we finished the book we did an activity which involved learning more about the characteristics of an autistic person and really getting to understand them. We learned about 10 characteristics and later the class was divided into groups and they wrote a text together where they elaborated more on each characteristic and put it all into one text.

When they had their final version of the text, they then had to put that onto a poster and come up with a creative and fitting title, and design and decorate their poster. The end result was amazing they really worked hard and were so creative! I think this activity was very useful, first of all because they were so interested and genuienly wanted to learn more and secondly for the reason that its a very relevant topic and a very important topic to have knowledge about in their life.

Below are some pictures of the poster making process, the finished posters are incredible! Well done everyone :)


Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Holly, Judy and I certainly did. We visited the Museum of Illusions this weekend and had a great time, as well as enjoying roaming around the streets of Barcelona, our time is little left so we are making everything count!

Last week was another busy week in school with final exams and projects being finalized we were all busy bees. Primary 4 a, b and c took a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry of Catalonia, and also finalizing their art projects with teachers Pere and Lorena.

This week primary 6A and B finished the sculpture of Claude Monet famous painting Waterlilies. The students have put so much hard work and dedication into this project. The students studied Claude Monet before embarking on the journey to creating this beautiful project! All the teachers of Primary 6 also put in tremendous work as well as two outside teachers who came into the school and organised this  masterpiece! The students were delighted with the outcome result and it was a proud moment for all of primary 6.

As the photos show it was amazing work done by all students and teachers of primary 6 and it looks amazing!

Primary 4 visited the Museum of Science and Industry of Catalonia where they learned about engines and how they work in industrial departments as well as industrial instruments! It was a very educational trip!

Primary 3 in Arts and Crafts this week!

Finally a sad day Friday as it was my  last English class with primary 6A and B as they go on their four day trip to Valencia this week! A great bunch of students so they are and I wish them all the best of luck in the future with their first year in ESO next year!

I hope you all had a nice weekend and I’ll be keeping you updated about our last two weeks in Escola Turbula


Laura x


06 2017

English Day!

Hello everyone,

So last Tuesday was English Day, and Primary 5 went to the sports centre  along with some students from 4th ESO who were the monitors (I will explain more about that later) for a day full of activities and games where you learn and revise vocabulary through English. Some of the games included ‘Bingo Food’ where the name of a food was called out and students had to cross the food off if they had it on their bingo card. Another included ‘Get Dressed’ where students were given a few items of clothing to remember and had to run to the clothes pile and put on the clothes that they were told. Finally, one of the favourites of the students was the dance called ‘I Like You’, where they had to sing the song and remember the dance moves.

With regards to the monitors, some students from 4th ESO came along to English Day to supervise the games and help the students with the vocab and make sure that everything ran smoothly. I cant begin to tell you how amazing they were. We had practised and revised all the vocab the previous week together and they were perfect!! I think that they enjoyed the day too ad after they received a certificate of achievement for helping out on the day! Well done to everyone :)

Here are some photos from our lovely day out.. Enjoy!!

English day! :)

Hi everyone! We have had a busy two weeks in Escola Turbula with English day on the 16th of May, Primary 1-4 went on their big trip to Colonies! In primary 5 and 6 myself and Adriana began English speaking exams as well as completing end of unit exams. I must say the weeks are going very fast and it’s starting to hit home we have only a few weeks left, with that we are putting everything into our work and enjoying every day as it comes. Also last weekend myself and Holly explored more of Barcelona by hiking to the Bunkers, El Carmel and we were amazed at the beauty of Barcelona!

On the 16th of May I participated in English day with Primary 5A and B. In the weeks before hand myself and Adriana prepared the students in English class. Testing them on their vocab and knowledge of basic English communication skills. We also prepared them with a dance to the song”I like you” I truly enjoyed this activity! It was exciting for all students as they were going to meet  other students from different schools! English day consisted of eight activities (all spoken and acted in English) in a sports hall in school in Sant Adria de Besos. There was two bug groups of students. One group did the activities from 10am-11am while the others watched a live play performed called Beauty and the Beast, after time was up the groups would swap giving each group a chance to embrace the full day of activities and performances in English

Preparing for English day in class!

English day activities..As you can see English day was such a success and all the students enjoyed it very much but we also had a huge help from 4th of ESO  students as they participated in the role as monitors! So a big thank you to all the teachers involved and students for such tremendous dedication shown on this day!

Enjoy the sun and I will update soon with more exciting news from school.


Laura x



05 2017

English Day/Solar System Study

Hello everybody,

Both P5 classes have finished their projects on the Solar System.  All the students coloured, painted, cut and wrote to make lovely displays of the planets and the sun.  Here are some pictures of the finished projects…

Great work everybody!

Last week, on Tuesday all the schools in Sant Adria celebrated English day. I was lucky to have the opportunity to join the 4th ESO students while they ran a day of fun activities and games for the students of Primary 5. The event took place in a local sports hall where there was plenty of room for English activities about food, clothes, song and dance, bingo and lots more. It was a brilliant way to combine having fun and learning English.
Here are the students, joined by Holly, Laura and I (the three Language Assistants). What a great day!

Next Thursday the P5 classes will go on an excursion to finish their study of the Solar System. How exciting! Hopefully I will have some pictures for the next post.

Until then, thank you for reading!



05 2017