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Hello everyone!

Hope you had a lovely long weekend! On Friday Holly, Judy and I celebrated St Patrick’s day in Barcelona. This is a celebration in Ireland much like Carnaval here in Spain. We had a lovely time and met more Irish friends and students who are studying and doing the same work placement as us here in Barcelona. We dressed  in Green and waved our Irish flag proud.

Over the last few weeks myself and Adriana of Primary have been working on numerous projects with Primary 4,5 and 6. These projects have been helping the students speaking and writing skills in English. They aims of these projects is for the students to understand and learn about new vocab. grammar and sentence structure. These students have thoroughly enjoyed these projects and it has been much fun working with each group of students getting to know them better and to improve their speaking.

In Primary 4 we did a project about redesigning towns and cities. This project was all about the students opinions and how they wanted their town to be presented. It also helped their knowledge in vocabulary  and the learning of different shops. The students worked in groups and redesigned their towns and made colorful  posters giving us an insight into what their redesigned towns looked like. These projects were displayed on a noticeboard near the office at the entrance of the school. In Primary 5 we prepared a project about our favourite animals. The aim of this project was for the students to learn about grammar, vocab and descriptions. Students were put into groups of four. Each group studied an animal, this included its habitat, description, food and its endangerment. Each group created a a colorful poster about the animal of their choosing and presented it to the class. Each student played a part in the presentation, this improving their speaking skills all the time and also boosting their confidence! I had a great time in playing a part in these presentations as each presentation was truly outstanding! Every student put so much hard work and effort in.

Finally, Primary 6 unfortunately I have no media to show for primary 6 as we are working on putting their videos together at the moment. Primary 6 also had a presentation much like Primary 5 only Primary 6 presented their favourite recipe. Again students were put in groups and had to pick a favourite food/ recipe. They would then study the vocab, grammar and sentence structure on this recipe and create their own version of it. They then presented their recipes to the rest of the class. Like wise the aim of this project was to improve each students speaking skills and to help their confidence. Each recipe was outstanding and the excellence of their speaking skills truly blew me away. I shall post media to show once I have it made.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and this is what our busy weeks in the school contained of.

All the best

Laura x


03 2017

Saint Patrick’s Day Preparation

Hello everybody!

This week in pre-school and nursery we are busy preparing for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a national public holiday in Ireland, where us three Language Assistants come from. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and so on March 17th each year  in every village, town and city in Ireland, there are big celebrations. Similar to Carnaval here in Spain, Irish people wear costumes and attend parades with lots of fun, music and dancing all day.

This past week, the children have been learning about Saint Patrick and also about the legend of the “Leprechaun”. The Leprechaun is a mythical creature that guards a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He wears green clothes, has big ears and is very short. He carries a green shamrock, a lucky Irish symbol.

To prepare for Saint Patrick’s Day, the students have been very creative making lots of art and crafts. Here I have attached some lovely pictures of their great work! P5 class drew a shamrock and leprechaun in their English copybook, P4 drew a shamrock each and we have a “green field of shamrocks”, while P3 made hand-printed Leprechauns!

We have also been learning this song, here is a link to Youtube :

I would like to wish you all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and enjoy the day off . Well done to all the students on their fantastic artwork.

Judy :)


Happy Saint Patrick's Day from P5

Field of Shamrocks and Leprechaun Hands by P3 and P4 classes


03 2017

Hi everyone,

It has been two very busy weeks in school. Lots of activities happened. A trip to another Espangol football game, a hike to Sant Miquel del Fai and a class excursion to Colonial Guell. Along with celebrating the Carnaval weekend which I enjoyed lots! This week I got to go on a trip with primary 6A and B to Colonial Guell, a village architect-ed by Antonio Gaudi. The trip was amazing! I am getting to know lots about the Spanish culture! I am falling more in love with Barcelona everyday! The weather brings out the happiness and on Tuesday I got a feel for  the Spanish sun. I am really enjoying my time here at Escola Turbula each day is getting better and better.

Colonial Guell.

Enjoying arts and crafts with primary 2A and B in the lovely sun this week.

Laura x


03 2017

Welome to my classroom!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted anything on here for a while but we have been so busy in class! Anyway I want to share some photos with you all of my classroom. Over the last few weeks with 3rd and 4th ESO we have been doing some projects on Ireland vs Spain and the differences and as you will see from the photos they are amazing and have put so much effort into the posters! They have taught me so much about the Spanish culture too. As well as the posters I decided to decorate my classroom with lots of bright colours, pictures and positive quotes and last but not least a reading corner too! So as promised here are some photos. Hope you enjoy and I will update you all again on our progress soon. :)

Carnaval fun!

Hello everybody,

Last week in school we had great fun for Carnaval. During the week, all the students and teachers  listened to the King of Carnavals rules. Each day we had to do something different for example a crazy hairstyle, odd shoes, painted nose and a funny hat.

On Friday, the week finished with everybody wearing lovely costumes such as princesses, police, superheroes, pirates and even a Kinder Egg.We had some visitors from Paw Patrol in the hall and danced and sang lots. Here I have some pictures with Martas P5 class. What a fantastic day!

This week, I have helped the teachers explain about the Irish legend of the “Leprechaun” to the classes. On March 17th, we celebrate St. Patricks Day in Ireland and so next week I will post about the activities we do over the next week.

Until then, thank you for reading my post,

Judy :)


03 2017