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English Day!

Hello everyone,

So last Tuesday was English Day, and Primary 5 went to the sports centre  along with some students from 4th ESO who were the monitors (I will explain more about that later) for a day full of activities and games where you learn and revise vocabulary through English. Some of the games included ‘Bingo Food’ where the name of a food was called out and students had to cross the food off if they had it on their bingo card. Another included ‘Get Dressed’ where students were given a few items of clothing to remember and had to run to the clothes pile and put on the clothes that they were told. Finally, one of the favourites of the students was the dance called ‘I Like You’, where they had to sing the song and remember the dance moves.

With regards to the monitors, some students from 4th ESO came along to English Day to supervise the games and help the students with the vocab and make sure that everything ran smoothly. I cant begin to tell you how amazing they were. We had practised and revised all the vocab the previous week together and they were perfect!! I think that they enjoyed the day too ad after they received a certificate of achievement for helping out on the day! Well done to everyone :)

Here are some photos from our lovely day out.. Enjoy!!

English day! :)

Hi everyone! We have had a busy two weeks in Escola Turbula with English day on the 16th of May, Primary 1-4 went on their big trip to Colonies! In primary 5 and 6 myself and Adriana began English speaking exams as well as completing end of unit exams. I must say the weeks are going very fast and it’s starting to hit home we have only a few weeks left, with that we are putting everything into our work and enjoying every day as it comes. Also last weekend myself and Holly explored more of Barcelona by hiking to the Bunkers, El Carmel and we were amazed at the beauty of Barcelona!

On the 16th of May I participated in English day with Primary 5A and B. In the weeks before hand myself and Adriana prepared the students in English class. Testing them on their vocab and knowledge of basic English communication skills. We also prepared them with a dance to the song”I like you” I truly enjoyed this activity! It was exciting for all students as they were going to meet  other students from different schools! English day consisted of eight activities (all spoken and acted in English) in a sports hall in school in Sant Adria de Besos. There was two bug groups of students. One group did the activities from 10am-11am while the others watched a live play performed called Beauty and the Beast, after time was up the groups would swap giving each group a chance to embrace the full day of activities and performances in English

Preparing for English day in class!

English day activities..As you can see English day was such a success and all the students enjoyed it very much but we also had a huge help from 4th of ESO  students as they participated in the role as monitors! So a big thank you to all the teachers involved and students for such tremendous dedication shown on this day!

Enjoy the sun and I will update soon with more exciting news from school.


Laura x



05 2017

English Day/Solar System Study

Hello everybody,

Both P5 classes have finished their projects on the Solar System.  All the students coloured, painted, cut and wrote to make lovely displays of the planets and the sun.  Here are some pictures of the finished projects…

Great work everybody!

Last week, on Tuesday all the schools in Sant Adria celebrated English day. I was lucky to have the opportunity to join the 4th ESO students while they ran a day of fun activities and games for the students of Primary 5. The event took place in a local sports hall where there was plenty of room for English activities about food, clothes, song and dance, bingo and lots more. It was a brilliant way to combine having fun and learning English.
Here are the students, joined by Holly, Laura and I (the three Language Assistants). What a great day!

Next Thursday the P5 classes will go on an excursion to finish their study of the Solar System. How exciting! Hopefully I will have some pictures for the next post.

Until then, thank you for reading!



05 2017

May :)

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely sunny weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and myself, Judy and Holly took full adavantage of last weekend and soaked up the sun. We also visited Castillo de Montjuich which is very close to our apartment we took a lovely hike up to enjoy the spectacular views of Barcelona and also learn about the history of the castle and the Spanish civil war.

This week in English class with priamry 2B we played lots of English speaking games about different illnesses.We made a large group in class after we finished some exercises in our English pupils book. The game was called “Chinese Whispers” a very useful game ensuring the student to listen and concentrate on what words are being whispered and also improves their pronunciation. The weather drew us outside to complete these games and the students much enjoyed it. They  participated well and encouraged each other along the way. A little sun always helps!

In primary 4C English class we practiced and revised our units and topics done within the last two terms of school. Each student practicing their vocab and their pronunciation. Asking each other questions also in small groups giving each student the ability to practice and improve their English speaking skills using flashcards and also vocab from their pupils book.

That’s all for now everyone, I will keep you posted as  we have exciting projects happening in Primary.

Have another lovely sunny weekend :)

Hasta Luago

Laura x


05 2017