May :)

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely sunny weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and myself, Judy and Holly took full adavantage of last weekend and soaked up the sun. We also visited Castillo de Montjuich which is very close to our apartment we took a lovely hike up to enjoy the spectacular views of Barcelona and also learn about the history of the castle and the Spanish civil war.

This week in English class with priamry 2B we played lots of English speaking games about different illnesses.We made a large group in class after we finished some exercises in our English pupils book. The game was called “Chinese Whispers” a very useful game ensuring the student to listen and concentrate on what words are being whispered and also improves their pronunciation. The weather drew us outside to complete these games and the students much enjoyed it. They  participated well and encouraged each other along the way. A little sun always helps!

In primary 4C English class we practiced and revised our units and topics done within the last two terms of school. Each student practicing their vocab and their pronunciation. Asking each other questions also in small groups giving each student the ability to practice and improve their English speaking skills using flashcards and also vocab from their pupils book.

That’s all for now everyone, I will keep you posted as  we have exciting projects happening in Primary.

Have another lovely sunny weekend :)

Hasta Luago

Laura x

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05 2017

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