English Day!

Hello everyone,

So last Tuesday was English Day, and Primary 5 went to the sports centre  along with some students from 4th ESO who were the monitors (I will explain more about that later) for a day full of activities and games where you learn and revise vocabulary through English. Some of the games included ‘Bingo Food’ where the name of a food was called out and students had to cross the food off if they had it on their bingo card. Another included ‘Get Dressed’ where students were given a few items of clothing to remember and had to run to the clothes pile and put on the clothes that they were told. Finally, one of the favourites of the students was the dance called ‘I Like You’, where they had to sing the song and remember the dance moves.

With regards to the monitors, some students from 4th ESO came along to English Day to supervise the games and help the students with the vocab and make sure that everything ran smoothly. I cant begin to tell you how amazing they were. We had practised and revised all the vocab the previous week together and they were perfect!! I think that they enjoyed the day too ad after they received a certificate of achievement for helping out on the day! Well done to everyone :)

Here are some photos from our lovely day out.. Enjoy!!

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