Autism Awareness

So over the last few weeks 1st Batx have been reading a book called ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ which is all about an autistic boy called Christopher, who ’s dog is killed and he sets out to find the killer. On his journey he has to overcome some obstacles which you face when you have autism for example, talking to strangers.

When we finished the book we did an activity which involved learning more about the characteristics of an autistic person and really getting to understand them. We learned about 10 characteristics and later the class was divided into groups and they wrote a text together where they elaborated more on each characteristic and put it all into one text.

When they had their final version of the text, they then had to put that onto a poster and come up with a creative and fitting title, and design and decorate their poster. The end result was amazing they really worked hard and were so creative! I think this activity was very useful, first of all because they were so interested and genuienly wanted to learn more and secondly for the reason that its a very relevant topic and a very important topic to have knowledge about in their life.

Below are some pictures of the poster making process, the finished posters are incredible! Well done everyone :)

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