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Our final unit of study for the P4 classes is “Under the Sea”. Using flash cards to learn the names of the sea creatures and songs to reinforce them, we had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of Maites class with colourful  jellyfish and dolphins. The students picked from five different colouring sheets and then copied the names of the sea creature onto the paper. Both classes took a day trip to Vilanova to see fish. We left the school early and then spent the day in Vilanova with the instructors, ending with some games on the beach, before returning to school on the bus. It was very enjoyable!

In the P3 classes, we were learning about the farm. We learned the song “Old McDonald Had A Farm” to help the students remember the names of the animals and what noise they make. Then we coloured some animals like cow, rooster, horse, pig and chicken.Then we looked at videos of the farm and the different animals on it. We played a game which involved me saying an animal and the students responding with the corresponding noise.The units are nearly completed now and unfortunately our time as language assistants in the school is nearly over. I will post again this week to say goodbye (sadly).

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