Goodbye Escola Turbula :(

Wow what a week! filled with laughs and a lot of happy and sad tears. Our time here has come to an end, I can’t believe how fast the 6 months went by and also how the staff and students of school made us feel so warm and welcome to their school. The experience has been an unforgettable and an amazing one! To everyone who guided me and taught me along the six months of my stay I want to say thank you! You have all been incredible. When we arrived in Barcelona we were so nervous and scared about how we would fit into the school and how our experience would unfold. Certainly that changed from our very first week in the school. The hospitality blew our minds and made us feel like we now had a second home. We grew attached to the staff and students very quickly and that’s why there was many tears this week because we bonded with you not only as a teacher but also as your friend and this is what made the goodbyes so much harder because of the strong and unique relationships we made. Goodbyes are never easy! It was hard coming here saying goodbye to our family but it was even harder leaving here because you were our second family and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

To the teachers and students of primary I can’t thank you enough you are truly an amazing group of people you’ve taught and guided me through this journey of my life, you’ve made me laugh and cry all in happiness you’ve laughed with me through my funny moments of pronouncing and trying to learn the Spanish and Catalan language but of all this you made it my home I enjoyed every moment of being in your presence and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in the future and I hope I will get to see you very soon! Te Quiero <3

Primary English Team!!!!


To all the staff thank you for treating us like your own!!

Our students but more importantly our friends!Anna a very important and special person to the school who will be truly missed!And finally a very important gift I received today from the students and teachers of primary with very special notes and photos as well as each students signature.. this was incredible and I will always remember and keep this close to my heart. Thank you so much words can’t describe my emotions right now. Turbula you have been amazing and I am so happy to have  been apart of your school I will remember you always! This is not goodbye it’s a see you soon.

Adios Amigos

Con mucho carino



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06 2017

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