Adios Turbula!

So this is it. The last blog post from me and I honestly cant believe my time in Turbula is over. It doesn’t seem real yet, just as we are getting comfortable we have to go again :( Words cannot describe the experience I have had over the last six months it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, but more importantly the people I have met.  Everyone in Turbula you will all stay in my heart forever. From the minute I arrived everybody was so accommodating and welcoming and I felt so at home which made the first few weeks so much easier. As the weeks went on you all became more then just people I worked with, everyone became like family and friends and the relationships and bonds I formed with everyone are something so special. For this reason it made leaving so much harder and there were so many tears from everyone! Yes, goodbyes are difficult but I know I have made friends for life so I’m sure I will be back again! Finally, I want to say thanks to Anna Corredera who I worked very closely with and was there for me every time I needed something, who looked out for me, and who taught me so much. Anna you’re amazing and you honestly inspired me so much in so many different ways! Thank you for everything. Turbula you are amazing,  its not a goodbye its a see you later!

I love you all xxxx

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06 2017

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