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Goodbye and thank you all!

Hello everybody,

I cannot believe I am already writing a goodbye message to you all. The past six months have been simply amazing. I have learned so much from my time in the school. I could not imagine having a better experience than this. From the moment us three Language Assistants arrived in the school in January we felt so welcome.

Specifically I want to thank Noemi and all the Nursery teachers and Loles and all the Preschool teachers for allowing me to teach your brilliant students. Thanks to all the teachers for helping me, I had so much fun while learning so much (Marta and Noemi for useful tandems).Thank you to the students for making me smile every single day and trying their very best every day. Special thanks to Anna Corredera, for everything.

Thanks to Jordi, for facilitating our experience and all the staff in the school for helping us, feeding us and being so lovely. I will miss you all terribly. Though this chapter is closed, I know for sure I will come back to visit when I can.

Again, my warmest “THANK YOU” and I hope to see you all soon,

For now its ¬°hasta luego!

With love,


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07 2017