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Goodbye Escola Turbula :(

Wow what a week! filled with laughs and a lot of happy and sad tears. Our time here has come to an end, I can’t believe how fast the 6 months went by and also how the staff and students of school made us feel so warm and welcome to their school. The experience has been an unforgettable and an amazing one! To everyone who guided me and taught me along the six months of my stay I want to say thank you! You have all been incredible. When we arrived in Barcelona we were so nervous and scared about how we would fit into the school and how our experience would unfold. Certainly that changed from our very first week in the school. The hospitality blew our minds and made us feel like we now had a second home. We grew attached to the staff and students very quickly and that’s why there was many tears this week because we bonded with you not only as a teacher but also as your friend and this is what made the goodbyes so much harder because of the strong and unique relationships we made. Goodbyes are never easy! It was hard coming here saying goodbye to our family but it was even harder leaving here because you were our second family and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

To the teachers and students of primary I can’t thank you enough you are truly an amazing group of people you’ve taught and guided me through this journey of my life, you’ve made me laugh and cry all in happiness you’ve laughed with me through my funny moments of pronouncing and trying to learn the Spanish and Catalan language but of all this you made it my home I enjoyed every moment of being in your presence and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in the future and I hope I will get to see you very soon! Te Quiero <3

Primary English Team!!!!


To all the staff thank you for treating us like your own!!

Our students but more importantly our friends!Anna a very important and special person to the school who will be truly missed!And finally a very important gift I received today from the students and teachers of primary with very special notes and photos as well as each students signature.. this was incredible and I will always remember and keep this close to my heart. Thank you so much words can’t describe my emotions right now. Turbula you have been amazing and I am so happy to have  been apart of your school I will remember you always! This is not goodbye it’s a see you soon.

Adios Amigos

Con mucho carino




06 2017


Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Holly, Judy and I certainly did. We visited the Museum of Illusions this weekend and had a great time, as well as enjoying roaming around the streets of Barcelona, our time is little left so we are making everything count!

Last week was another busy week in school with final exams and projects being finalized we were all busy bees. Primary 4 a, b and c took a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry of Catalonia, and also finalizing their art projects with teachers Pere and Lorena.

This week primary 6A and B finished the sculpture of Claude Monet famous painting Waterlilies. The students have put so much hard work and dedication into this project. The students studied Claude Monet before embarking on the journey to creating this beautiful project! All the teachers of Primary 6 also put in tremendous work as well as two outside teachers who came into the school and organised this  masterpiece! The students were delighted with the outcome result and it was a proud moment for all of primary 6.

As the photos show it was amazing work done by all students and teachers of primary 6 and it looks amazing!

Primary 4 visited the Museum of Science and Industry of Catalonia where they learned about engines and how they work in industrial departments as well as industrial instruments! It was a very educational trip!

Primary 3 in Arts and Crafts this week!

Finally a sad day Friday as it was my  last English class with primary 6A and B as they go on their four day trip to Valencia this week! A great bunch of students so they are and I wish them all the best of luck in the future with their first year in ESO next year!

I hope you all had a nice weekend and I’ll be keeping you updated about our last two weeks in Escola Turbula


Laura x


06 2017

English day! :)

Hi everyone! We have had a busy two weeks in Escola Turbula with English day on the 16th of May, Primary 1-4 went on their big trip to Colonies! In primary 5 and 6 myself and Adriana began English speaking exams as well as completing end of unit exams. I must say the weeks are going very fast and it’s starting to hit home we have only a few weeks left, with that we are putting everything into our work and enjoying every day as it comes. Also last weekend myself and Holly explored more of Barcelona by hiking to the Bunkers, El Carmel and we were amazed at the beauty of Barcelona!

On the 16th of May I participated in English day with Primary 5A and B. In the weeks before hand myself and Adriana prepared the students in English class. Testing them on their vocab and knowledge of basic English communication skills. We also prepared them with a dance to the song”I like you” I truly enjoyed this activity! It was exciting for all students as they were going to meet  other students from different schools! English day consisted of eight activities (all spoken and acted in English) in a sports hall in school in Sant Adria de Besos. There was two bug groups of students. One group did the activities from 10am-11am while the others watched a live play performed called Beauty and the Beast, after time was up the groups would swap giving each group a chance to embrace the full day of activities and performances in English

Preparing for English day in class!

English day activities..As you can see English day was such a success and all the students enjoyed it very much but we also had a huge help from 4th of ESO  students as they participated in the role as monitors! So a big thank you to all the teachers involved and students for such tremendous dedication shown on this day!

Enjoy the sun and I will update soon with more exciting news from school.


Laura x



05 2017

May :)

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely sunny weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and myself, Judy and Holly took full adavantage of last weekend and soaked up the sun. We also visited Castillo de Montjuich which is very close to our apartment we took a lovely hike up to enjoy the spectacular views of Barcelona and also learn about the history of the castle and the Spanish civil war.

This week in English class with priamry 2B we played lots of English speaking games about different illnesses.We made a large group in class after we finished some exercises in our English pupils book. The game was called “Chinese Whispers” a very useful game ensuring the student to listen and concentrate on what words are being whispered and also improves their pronunciation. The weather drew us outside to complete these games and the students much enjoyed it. They  participated well and encouraged each other along the way. A little sun always helps!

In primary 4C English class we practiced and revised our units and topics done within the last two terms of school. Each student practicing their vocab and their pronunciation. Asking each other questions also in small groups giving each student the ability to practice and improve their English speaking skills using flashcards and also vocab from their pupils book.

That’s all for now everyone, I will keep you posted as  we have exciting projects happening in Primary.

Have another lovely sunny weekend :)

Hasta Luago

Laura x


05 2017

Welcome back!!

Hello!! Welcome back to our final school term, I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing Easter. This is the final school term so it will be a busy and fast one sadly.. I can’t believe how fast my time here at Turbula has gone! Last week and this week we were especially busy in the primary area. We celebrated Sant Jordi with fun art’s and craft’s activities provided by the parent’s association last Thursday and Friday evening. We created dragons from clothes pegs and coloured green paper. The students really enjoyed these activities and there was a great exciting atmosphere! The students explained to me the story and tradition of Sant Jordi as I have not heard of this fairytale before! And on Sunday I attended the festivities along Las Ramblas

On Tuesday this week we were busy in English with Primary 2B as we read and acted out a Tiger Tale story about going to the doctors. The students are currently learning about different types of sicknesses example. Flu, Tummy ache… etc. The students are tested each day on flashcards where they explain the different types of sickness. Testing their knowledge and speech in English. Here are some photos of the students working in groups understanding the story and then presenting it to the rest of the class!

Also this week in Art class with primary 6A&B we learned about Monet’s famous painting of Waterlilies! We watched a short video on how to master the techniques to cope the painting as much as possible to the replica of Monet’s. The class was relaxing and all the students really enjoyed the class not to mention they all excelled excellently in achieving great replicas of Monet’s Waterlilies. Here are some photos enjoy!

Have a lovely long weekend!

Laura x


04 2017

Happy Easter!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I havent been updating my blog in the last two weeks, I went back to Ireland for a few days to see my friends and family!

Before I left we had a busy week! On Friday 24th of March I attended an excursion with Primary1. This was an all English speaking excursion. The excursion we went on was to Joan Miro´s art gallery near Monjuic!  The gallery was amazing and the art was very interesting and suitable for the students. The students were all excited as they recognized art work they had been studying over the past four weeks. We were accompanied by an English speaking tour guide who helped the kids understand the paintings in English to the best of their knowledge. The students were able to identify shapes, objects and colours in the paintings and sculptures. The students embraced the English language to the best of their ability and it was truly a fantastic trip.

Also in English class with 6AandB we played a new colour co-ordinated memory game. The aim of this game was to help the students remember the important verbs in Spanish and English. They would have these verbs wrote out on small pieces of coloured card. They would then match each verb in English to Spanish. They worked in groups to motivate and encourage everyone to participate and learn. Again this is all about familiarizing the students with the English verbs they know and encourage them to use them in their speech. It is more like a memory game! The Primary6 students adapted to the game very well and had fun doing so! Remember verbs are fun not boring :) here are some pictures of them in full verb mode!

Finally, this week in Primary1 myself and Ester worked on explaining the plant to the students. The students had great knowledge of the English words relating to the plant, which was a big achievement. We worked on creating our own plants through arts and crafts all the while I went around the class quizzing the kids on parts of the plant and asking them how they are creating their plants through what materials they are using. It was a lovely evening and the students had much enjoyment on creating their art work as did I teaching them.

That’s all from me this week!

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing Easter and eat lots of chocolate!




04 2017

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a lovely long weekend! On Friday Holly, Judy and I celebrated St Patrick’s day in Barcelona. This is a celebration in Ireland much like Carnaval here in Spain. We had a lovely time and met more Irish friends and students who are studying and doing the same work placement as us here in Barcelona. We dressed  in Green and waved our Irish flag proud.

Over the last few weeks myself and Adriana of Primary have been working on numerous projects with Primary 4,5 and 6. These projects have been helping the students speaking and writing skills in English. They aims of these projects is for the students to understand and learn about new vocab. grammar and sentence structure. These students have thoroughly enjoyed these projects and it has been much fun working with each group of students getting to know them better and to improve their speaking.

In Primary 4 we did a project about redesigning towns and cities. This project was all about the students opinions and how they wanted their town to be presented. It also helped their knowledge in vocabulary  and the learning of different shops. The students worked in groups and redesigned their towns and made colorful  posters giving us an insight into what their redesigned towns looked like. These projects were displayed on a noticeboard near the office at the entrance of the school. In Primary 5 we prepared a project about our favourite animals. The aim of this project was for the students to learn about grammar, vocab and descriptions. Students were put into groups of four. Each group studied an animal, this included its habitat, description, food and its endangerment. Each group created a a colorful poster about the animal of their choosing and presented it to the class. Each student played a part in the presentation, this improving their speaking skills all the time and also boosting their confidence! I had a great time in playing a part in these presentations as each presentation was truly outstanding! Every student put so much hard work and effort in.

Finally, Primary 6 unfortunately I have no media to show for primary 6 as we are working on putting their videos together at the moment. Primary 6 also had a presentation much like Primary 5 only Primary 6 presented their favourite recipe. Again students were put in groups and had to pick a favourite food/ recipe. They would then study the vocab, grammar and sentence structure on this recipe and create their own version of it. They then presented their recipes to the rest of the class. Like wise the aim of this project was to improve each students speaking skills and to help their confidence. Each recipe was outstanding and the excellence of their speaking skills truly blew me away. I shall post media to show once I have it made.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and this is what our busy weeks in the school contained of.

All the best

Laura x


03 2017

Hi everyone,

It has been two very busy weeks in school. Lots of activities happened. A trip to another Espangol football game, a hike to Sant Miquel del Fai and a class excursion to Colonial Guell. Along with celebrating the Carnaval weekend which I enjoyed lots! This week I got to go on a trip with primary 6A and B to Colonial Guell, a village architect-ed by Antonio Gaudi. The trip was amazing! I am getting to know lots about the Spanish culture! I am falling more in love with Barcelona everyday! The weather brings out the happiness and on Tuesday I got a feel for  the Spanish sun. I am really enjoying my time here at Escola Turbula each day is getting better and better.

Colonial Guell.

Enjoying arts and crafts with primary 2A and B in the lovely sun this week.

Laura x


03 2017


Primary 3A and B to be the next Alexander Calder!!! These are the mobiles they created!

Carnaval!!!! Crazy hair day!


02 2017

Hello Everyone!


My name is Laura and I work as an English teaching assistant among the primary school teachers of Escola Turbula. I participate in all classes in the primary levels 1-6. Over the last few weeks I have gotten to know the students of primary. They have shown me such warmth and kindness upon my arrival and also in my classes. My Spanish may be little but they encourage me everyday to speak more of it as I do with them in English.

This week in primary 2A and B we performed a RAP about what clothes we wear. At the moment Lorena and I are teaching the students about clothes and how different seasons change the type pf clothing you would wear. The kids are really enjoying the lessons as we have created new games and fun ways for them to learn English in the easiest and most comfortable way possile.

In Primary 4A,B and C Adriana and I are teaching the students about different towns and cities and what is located in each town. Different shops and forms pf public transport. I take groups of students everyday to help them understand and speak English to the best of their ability describing their perfect town or city through games and fun exercises and so far every student has succeeded.

In Primary 6A and B we are learning about different types of food. We are working on a small project to help them create a  recipe or  write about their favorite food in English to the best of their ability. This helps them with their knowledge of English grammar and encourages them to learn through fun activities they enjoy doing!

So far my welcome to Escola Turbula has been amazing and the best is only yet to come!

Primary 2A

Primary 6

Primary 4


02 2017