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English Day/Solar System Study

Hello everybody,

Both P5 classes have finished their projects on the Solar System.  All the students coloured, painted, cut and wrote to make lovely displays of the planets and the sun.  Here are some pictures of the finished projects…

Great work everybody!

Last week, on Tuesday all the schools in Sant Adria celebrated English day. I was lucky to have the opportunity to join the 4th ESO students while they ran a day of fun activities and games for the students of Primary 5. The event took place in a local sports hall where there was plenty of room for English activities about food, clothes, song and dance, bingo and lots more. It was a brilliant way to combine having fun and learning English.
Here are the students, joined by Holly, Laura and I (the three Language Assistants). What a great day!

Next Thursday the P5 classes will go on an excursion to finish their study of the Solar System. How exciting! Hopefully I will have some pictures for the next post.

Until then, thank you for reading!



05 2017

Sant Jordi celebrations.

Hello everybody,

Last week we prepared for Sant Jordi’s Day with lots of art and craft work in all the classes. On Friday,a puppet show came to the Preschool to tell us the tale of Sant Jordi. It was very fun and after we learned vocabulary such as dragon, rose, princess and castle. The students sang lovely songs and really enjoyed the great show.

Since last week, the P3 and P4 classes have started learning “Transport” vocabulary. With the help of Captain Jack (the talking parrot puppet), I read the students a story about transport. Then I show them flashcards with the words and afterwards we play a matching game. When the students match a pair to make a picture of a car or bus for example, they then draw and colour it.The older P5 classes are starting to learn about the Universe and Solar system so we are learning through songs and videos. YouTube Preview Image

Here is a video to help us learn!

Enjoy, keep up the great learning everybody.

Judy :)


04 2017

Saint Patrick’s Day Preparation

Hello everybody!

This week in pre-school and nursery we are busy preparing for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a national public holiday in Ireland, where us three Language Assistants come from. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and so on March 17th each year  in every village, town and city in Ireland, there are big celebrations. Similar to Carnaval here in Spain, Irish people wear costumes and attend parades with lots of fun, music and dancing all day.

This past week, the children have been learning about Saint Patrick and also about the legend of the “Leprechaun”. The Leprechaun is a mythical creature that guards a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He wears green clothes, has big ears and is very short. He carries a green shamrock, a lucky Irish symbol.

To prepare for Saint Patrick’s Day, the students have been very creative making lots of art and crafts. Here I have attached some lovely pictures of their great work! P5 class drew a shamrock and leprechaun in their English copybook, P4 drew a shamrock each and we have a “green field of shamrocks”, while P3 made hand-printed Leprechauns!

We have also been learning this song, here is a link to Youtube :

I would like to wish you all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and enjoy the day off . Well done to all the students on their fantastic artwork.

Judy :)


Happy Saint Patrick's Day from P5

Field of Shamrocks and Leprechaun Hands by P3 and P4 classes


03 2017

Carnaval fun!

Hello everybody,

Last week in school we had great fun for Carnaval. During the week, all the students and teachers  listened to the King of Carnavals rules. Each day we had to do something different for example a crazy hairstyle, odd shoes, painted nose and a funny hat.

On Friday, the week finished with everybody wearing lovely costumes such as princesses, police, superheroes, pirates and even a Kinder Egg.We had some visitors from Paw Patrol in the hall and danced and sang lots. Here I have some pictures with Martas P5 class. What a fantastic day!

This week, I have helped the teachers explain about the Irish legend of the “Leprechaun” to the classes. On March 17th, we celebrate St. Patricks Day in Ireland and so next week I will post about the activities we do over the next week.

Until then, thank you for reading my post,

Judy :)


03 2017

Hello everybody!!

Bath or Shower game.Giving the ducks a bath.

Hello, my name is Judy and I am a Language Assistant from Cork, Ireland. As part of my degree at the University of Limerick, I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to come and work in this fantastic school!

I am working in the Nursery and Preschool with classes P1-P5. We have great fun everyday using games, songs and activities to help learn new English vocabulary.

In the mornings, P1 and P2 classes sing songs with actions to learn the days of the week and greetings. P3 classes are learning about different toys, so I use flashcards and pictures to remember the vocabulary.

Here are some pictures of P4.a playing a game to help learn about bath time. Each student had a paper duck and took it in turn to give it either a bath or a shower. In addition to this, we also have a song to learn the parts of the body called “The Bath Song”.

In the P5 classes, each student is working on making a personal “English Book” to collect and practice new words and phrases.

Keep up the great work everybody! Please keep posted for weekly updates of what new English we are learning.



02 2017