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Last Friday, our last day at school before Christmas, we opened the winter parcel we received from Hungary. We were all so excited about the parcel and its content, so after the break we opened it altogether. Look:

Albert is reading the explanations

Rut is reading the explanations, too

Sweets, chocolate, cakes,... yummy-yummy!!!

We would like to show you some of the presents that the Hungarian school sent us. They are lovely!!!!

A calendar made by Hungarian students

Utensils to make the typical Christmas cookies

The recipe to make Christmas cookies

CD with typical Hungarian Christmas carols

A Christmas card

We would like to send a BIG  THANK YOU to our Hungarian friends because we really enjoyed the winter parcel. Thank you very much for all the things you sent us, which made us more knowledgeable about Hungary and its traditions.


Here you can see us having lots of fun:



12 2012


Dear all,

We would like to tell you that we have already received the winter parcel from Hungary. We are so looking forward to opening it next week. Here you can see the parcel:

Thank you very much to the Hungarian team!!!!


12 2012


We have already prepared the winter parcel with objects, products, songs,… which are part of our winter traditions. In our case we were supposed to send the parcel to Italy, and we did so just before going to Trebisacce. So please, Italian team, let us know as soon as you get the parcel. Here you can see all of us working and preparing the winter parcel for our Italian friends. Have a look:

So, our winter parcel for Italy is on the way. We hope you like it!!!


12 2012

FIRST MEETING: TREBISACCE (ITALY) 25th-30th November 2012

From  25th to  30th November 2012 the first meeting was held in Italy, Trebisacce. All the students and teachers from the seven countries met there. Here we are:

Comenius teachers in Trebisacce

Comenius students in Trebisacce

Trebisacce is a lovely seaside town in Calabria, in the south of Italy. Here you can see a photo of the Italian school:

And here you can see a photo of Marc, Joan and Jesús in front of the beach:

We were all so looking forward to our meeting in Trebisacce as it was our chance to get to know some of the students from the other countries.  Indeed we had a pool of a time in Trebisacce altogether!!! All the Comenius group together visited different places near Trebisacce and did many activities together which let us tie our bonds.  Here we would like to show you some of the visits and activities that we did:

Presenting our country

Visit in Bisignano

A luthier workshop

During our meals we had the chance to exchange and share experiences with our friends. Here we are having lunch with the Hungarian and Turkish students:

Cooking worshop

Well, we can just tell you good things about our meeting in Italy. Just to finish off we would like to show you some other photos with our Comenius friends:

Dacing typical dance: "tarantella"

And that was the end of our first meeting in Italy. Apart from visiting the south of Italy we also had the chance to visit Rome since we arrived and left from Rome. Rome is a gorgeous city!!!! Look:

In a nutshell, WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ci vediamo!!!!!


12 2012