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The third Comenius meeting will take place from 7th May to 13th May  in Piatra Neamt (Romania). Here you can see a picture of the Catalan team that will travel to Romania. Have a look:

We are (from left to right) ÀLEX, MARC, ADRIÀ, CARLOS and ROGER.

We can’t wait to meet you all!!!

See you VERY VERY soon!!!

We would like to show you some photos of our rehearsals.  As you can see below we are rehearsing both the Comenius and the European Anthem. We will do lots of singing in Piatra Neamt (Romania)!!!! And… we are also rehearsing some of the songs that we will sing in the Karaoke activity that the Romanian team is preparing for all of us.  It will be great fun!!!!!!!

Roger, Àlex and Adrià

Marc and Carlos


04 2013


And now it’s time for the SPRING PARCEL!!!!!!!

We have been preparing the “spring parcel” for our friends in Turkey. In this parcel we have explained our traditions related to spring and summer. We have also included products and CDs with traditional songs and dances.

We hope that our friends in Turkey will enjoy all the things that we have so enthusiastically prepared for them. Here you can see all of us preparing the parcel for Turkey:

Marta and Noelia preparing some traditional recipes

Marc and Rut explaining one of our traditions: "SANT JORDI"

Noelia and Víctor working on some Catalan proverbs

Pablo and Juanjo preparing a calendar with all our festivities

Tamara and Yeray working on some traditional foods

Rafa and Iván are preparing a personalised present for each of you!!!

Eloi, Tània and Albert working on our traditions

Rafa is preparing the pictures

Toni and Silvia are working on some Catalan traditional songs

Ruicheng and Kevin working on traditional dances and songs

Mario and Èric working on some traditional foods

Jesús is getting the title done

Kristin, Lesley and Cristian working on some of our traditions

Cristian decorating a small poster

Èric, Eva, Carlos and Roger working on some of our traditions

Dani and Laura preparing a map

Adrià and Àlex looking for information

Maria and Òscar working on some Spanish proverbs

Joel and Cristian getting their poster ready

Laura and David talking about their work

PLEASE, Turkish team, let us know when you get the parcel


we hope you’ll like it


04 2013