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From the 7th to 13th May 2013 the third meeting was held in Piatra Neamt (Romania). Here you can see a photo of all the delegations together in Romania:

This is the Romanian school we visited. It was really interesting as it is a music and arts school. Have a look:

Our Romanian partners were very nice and kind. We felt as we were at home. Here you can see all of us in front of their Comenius Corner inside the school:

Wowwwww!!!! We forgot to tell you that the school we visited is in Piatra Neamt, which is a lovely and cosy town in Moldavia. We would like to show you some pictures from the town center.

During our stay in Piatra Neamt we could visit many interesting places such as Neamt Citadel,  Bicaz Gorges or Rosso Lake. Here we show you one of the pictures we took during our trips around the Lake:

During the meals we had the chance to speak and share our experiences with our Comenius partners:

And… of course, we danced and sang a lot!!!!!! Our Romanian friends had prepared a wonderful concert for all of us. They played all the different instruments that they can play and they also sang beautifully. We also took part in the concert as we all sang the Comenius Anthem and the European Anthem, too.

We also sang karaoke:

And we danced traditional Romanian dances:

After spending all these fabulous days in Piatra Neamt we didn’t want to come back home but it was time to leave, so it was time to say bye-bye to our Romanian partners. This is our last picture before taking the minibus back to Bucharest and back home:

We can only send nice and kind words to all the Romanian families who put us up in Piatra Neamt. They were all so nice to us. Thank you very much to all of you!!!!!

And last but not least, we would like to share some pictures we took in Bucharest, as before heading for Piatra Neamt we spent one day in the capital city and we could visit lots of interesting places. Have a look:

And that’s all. We had a great and unforgettable time in Romania.

La revedere!!!!!


05 2013


Last Friday we opened the Spring Parcel that we had previously received from Greece. We were so looking forward to opening it and we couldn’t wait any more. So, before leaving school at lunchtime we gathered together (3rd A and 3rd B classes) and we opened it. We had lots of fun!!!!!!!!! Here we show you some of the photos that we took:

Bruno opening the parcel

We were all shouting!!!!

Víctor reading the nice poem they sent us about Spring

Eloi reading the rest of the poem

Bruno showing this nice present

Bruno handing out the cards

Mario and Adrià showing their cards

Marta showing her lovely card

Rafa and Eva showing their cards and their happiness

Aitor is so happy with his present!!

Many thanks, Greece!!!!

The presents the Greek team made for all of us!!!!

And here you can see us. We are all the students who participate in this Comenius project and we show you the lovely presents and cards that the Greek team prepared for us. Look:

The whole Comenius group together!!!!!

We would like to thank the Greek team

for such a nice Spring Parcel.

MANY MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


05 2013