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THE END !!!!!

Well, this is the end of our project but definitely not the end of the links and friendships that developed between the participating schools, students and teachers.

We have done so much together, we have learnt about each others’ countries, cultures and schools. We have discovered beautiful places, tasted amazing cuisines and sang wonderful melodies together. Most importantly, we have worked together on a path set by ourselves to achieve many aims: to improve communication and IT skills, to develop tolerance and to do all these by sharing fun with music. Students, their parents and teachers all agree that we have achieved a lot.

We all benefited from the cooperation. It helped our students realize that nowadays cooperation is a widely appreciated skill in life, in academia, in business and now they can say they have already participated in a project requiring European collaboration.

As Bruno, the main coordinator said on the stage in Trebisacce in November, 2012: „This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!” We hope to keep in touch and learn from each other for years to come.


10 2014