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Our last Comenius meeting took place in Arta (Greece) from the 4th to 9th May 2014. The meeting in Arta will be an unforgettable experience for all of us as it means the end of a fantastic two-year project with all the seven delegations. Here we would like to show you some of the photos that we took during this last meeting.

Before showing you some of the photos we would like to show you the families that put us up in Arta. They were all very welcoming and nice to us. Have a look:

We would like to say thank you to all the Greek families who put us up for such a welcoming and unforgettable stay in Arta. Thanks a lot!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

And now we would like to show you some of the activites that were carried out during our stay in Arta.

These are the photos we took on the first day at the school in Arta. We were warmly welcomed by all the school staff and music was everywhere:

Presenting the items of the Travelling Suitcase

Comenius Anthem concert. GREAT!!!!!!!!

The Catalan corner!!!!! Amazing!!!!!

Lots or rehearsals for the concert!!!! Superb!!!!

We really enjoyed rehearsing for the concert altogether. Spilios and Panagiotis, the two music teachers who taught us, were fabulous and we had a great time all the Comenius students singing all the songs together. We would like to thank such enthusiastic teachers for making us feel music everywhere. It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Concert performed by the Greek students. GREAT!!!!!!

At the seaside in Parga

Catalan Team and Polish Team :)

Music was following us everywhere!!!!!!!

Land Art on the seashore

Don’t miss this one. It was wonderful:

Breathtaking views from the waterlands!!!!!!!!!

And again dancing and music followed us throughout the whole week. Wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!

In the evening the second Comenius Concert took place. All the Comenius students from all the seven delegation were ready to sing a song from each country. In fact, these were the songs that all the students had been rehearsing with Spilios and Panagiotis. THE CONCERT WAS WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all felt shivers down our spine. We were totally thrilled when we saw all the Comenius students singing together in all the different languages:

The Second Comenius Concert

Discovering ARTA:

Arta's Old Bridge

All the Comenius students together

And that was the end of the last meeting which took place in Arta, Greece. We would like to thank the Greek Team once more for making the last meeting such an unforgettable event for all of us.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Last but not least, we would like to share some of the great photos we took in Athens, as we were very lucky and after the meeting in Arta we could spend two days in Athens. Just for you to see some of the landmarks we visited:

Túrbula Team in Athens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE HAD A WHALE OF A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE WILL NEVER FORGET GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

:) :)


05 2014


We would like to show you a picture of the six Catalan students who will travel to Arta, Greece, for the 7th Comenius meeting. They are Dani, Rut, Óscar, Arturo, Víctor and Éric. Here they are:

Dani, Arturo, Óscar, Rut, Víctor and Éric (from left to right)


:) :) :) :) :) :)



04 2014


The sixth Comenius meeting took place in Budapest (Hungary) from the 9th to 14th March 2014. Here you can see a photo of all the delegations together in Budapest:

It was really nice to see the Hungarian school as it was very big and cosy. Have a look:

Here you can see us around the school and in front of the Comenius Corner. It is really nice:

We had a great time in Budapest with our Comenius friends and we fell in love with the city as it is amazing!!!! We did lots of activities together and we danced and sang a lot. Besides, we could visit the city and discover some of its landmarks.

On Monday morning the Hungarian students showed us around the school and after lunch we did a dancing workshop in which we learnt how to dance traditional Hungarian dances. Some of us put on the traditional costumes:

On Tuesday we visited the Ethnographic Museum, where we could find out more about traditional life in Hungary, Buda Castle and we rounded the day off by sailing down the Danube on a cruise:

Workshop in the museum

On Wednesday we visited the Parliament. It was stunning!!!! We also went to the zoo after lunch and in the evening we went to a dance house where we could practise traditional Hungarian dances. Look:

On Thursday we climbed Mount Geller. It was a really sunny day and the views from the top were breathtaking. In the afternoon we had dinner together at school and then it was time for the performances that each country had prepared. Here you can see us performing the Catalan song “Llença’t” as a contest had been prepared:

Our students with Eva, the Hungarian teacher

The Hungarian team surprised all of us with a moving song by a Hungarian band called “Ocho Macho”. Here you can see the Hungarian team singing and, besides, we want to show you the video as the song is wonderful:

YouTube Preview Image

The winner from the photo competition

Karaoke altogether!!!!!

And this was the end of the 6th Comenius meeting in Budapest. We would like to thank the Hungarian team for such a great time in their lovely city. We would like to send a big thank you to all the Hungarian families that put us up as they made us feel as if we were at home.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Catalan Team in Budapest


04 2014


Here you can see the Catalan students that will travel to Hungary from 14th to 21st March 2014. They will meet their Comenius friends in Budapest.

Our students are: Sílvia, Eloi, Rut and Iván.

We are so looking forward to meeting you soon in BUDAPEST :) :) :) :)


03 2014

FIFTH MEETING: BARCELONA (SPAIN) 10th – 14th February 2014

The fifth Comenius meeting took place in Barcelona from 1oth to 14th February 2014. We were so happy to host this 5th meeting. Now we will show you some pictures of this meeting while telling you everything we did.

On Monday 10th February the Opening Ceremony opened the 5th Comenius meeting. Here you can see our classmates, Rut and David, presenting the ceremony and our Headmaster, Bruno and The Mayor of Sant Adrià de Besòs delivering their speeches:

We could enjoy the performance from our Greek and Romanian friends as they are a music school. Here you can see them playing:

After the Opening Ceremony we had lunch together in our Comenius Hall. We all had the chance to eat traditional Catalan food. Here we are:

After lunch we started our Musicians’ Workshop in which we all had the chance to find out about a musician from each of the participating countries. It was great fun and we spoke lots of English:

On Tuesday 11th February we visited Barcelona. Our Túrbula students were the guides and showed the Comenius students around Roman and Medieval Barcelona.

After lunch we visited the Music Palace (Palau de la Música Catalana). We all loved it!!!!! It is amazing.

In the afternoon we visited the Town Hall in Sant Adrià de Besòs:

And just to finish off with such a nice day, we had a traditional dance workshop in which we all learnt how to dance a stick dance and a square dance. It was great fun and so nice to see all our different cultures dancing traditional Catalan dances:

On Wednesday 12th February it was Gaudí’s day. We walked around Modernist Barcelona and we showed our friends Park Güell, La Sagrada Família, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

In the evening we were ready for the Karaoke and concert from the 70’s and 80’s. Wowwwwwww!!!!! It was amazing!!!!!

On Thursday 13th February we set off for Montserrat. We went up the mountain on the rack railway and there we visited the monastery. Our Batxillerat friends were our guides and we learnt lots of legends and interesting things about Montserrat:

Stacey, our language assistant from Manchester, came with us. We had a whale of a time:

After the visit, we went to a traditional Catalan restaurant in Monistrol called “El Casot”.

Then we went back to Barcelona but we had some time to spend by the seaside.

After such a nice and non-stop day, we had the Farewell Party in which all the families were invited and very kindly brought homemade food for all of us. We also had the chance to enjoy the nice performance of Sant Adrià giants. It was a nice evening full of traditional food and traditional music and dances.

On Friday 13th February it was the day that all our Comenius friends left. Here you can see us when we said bye-bye:

And that was the end of the meeting in Barcelona. We had lots of fun and we made lots of new friends.




03 2014

FOURTH MEETING: ZABRZE (POLAND) 7th – 11th October 2013

From the 7th to 11th October 2013 the fourth meeting was held in Zabrze (Poland). Here you can see a photo of all the delegations together during our visit  in Krakow:

We would like to show you some of the photos of the Polish school, Nasza Szkola,  as it is very different from ours. This is the main entrance:

From the inside it is really colourful and cozy:

The classrooms are nicely decorated and some of them are really small:

There are different types of classrooms ranging from infant, primary and up to secondary. The fact that it is such a small school with different ages makes it possible for students to share, help and live closer with students from different levels and ages.

We could also see the Polish Comenius Corner. It is a very nice display:

Our friends in Poland also have displays showing some photos taken during the meetings in Italy, Turkey and Romania:

And the school from the outside… wowwwwww… surrounded by nature, lots of greenish spaces where kids can run and have lots of fun:

So, this is Nasza Szkola, a small and lovely school in Zabrze in which you can feel the warmth and familiar atmosphere around you.

Next, we would like to show you our Polish host students: Kuba, Patryk, Kasia and Agatha. They were all really nice to us and we are so grateful to all of them and their families:

During our stay in Poland we had the chance to visit Krakow and Auschwitz. We would like to show you some of the photos of these two very interesting visits:

And now we would like to show you some of the activities that we did during our stay in Zabrze. The first one was the presentation of a musical, in our case “Mamma Mia”, and the band, ABBA, followed by the singing of the song “Mamma Mia”.

The Polish teacher prepared a nice activity for all of us in order to get ready for our visit in Auschwitz. She told us about the relationship between music and concentration camps and we could learn about the music that came up in such places. Here you can see us working together with other delegations:

Another activity that we did and was great fun was the Karaoke show. We sang the songs that we had to prepare in Barcelona. Here you can see us singing “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley:

And here you can see the Hungarian team singing The Rolling Stones. It was great because they were all wearing the Stones T-shirt. Have a look:

Well, this was our unforgettable trip to Poland.

Before finishing, we would like to send a big THANK YOU to the Polish team, students and families for all their cares, attention and warm welcome. We all had a great time together. We will always remember our stay in Zabrze with all our Comenius friends!!!!!

Dziekuje!!!!!! :) :)

and see you soon in Barcelona!!!!!!!!!! :) :)


10 2013


Our fourth Comenius meeting will take place from 6th to 11th October 2013 in Zabrze, Poland. Here you can see a picture of the Catalan Team that will travel to Poland.

Take a look:

We can’t wait to meet you all!!!
See you VERY soon!!!



09 2013


After the wonderful meeting in Piatra Neamt (Romania), the Catalan students who attended the meeting met in the afternoon in order to write their comments, impressions and memories of the Romanian meeting. Now their comments can be read in the Common webpage of our project.

Apart from writing their impressions, they also spent some time filling in the nice sheet of paper that Helen, the Romanian teacher, asked them to do. We would like to mention that the Romanian team in Liceul de Arte Victor Brauner in Piatra Neamt designed this nice sheet, showing our project philosophy and some of the words that came up during the meeting in Turkey as we were deciding on the Comenius Anthem refrain. Have a look:

As we didn’t have time to do fill it in during the meeting in Romania, our students did it last week and now all their pieces of paper are ready to be sent to Helen again. So, here you can see the Catalan team who went to Romania working:


06 2013


From the 7th to 13th May 2013 the third meeting was held in Piatra Neamt (Romania). Here you can see a photo of all the delegations together in Romania:

This is the Romanian school we visited. It was really interesting as it is a music and arts school. Have a look:

Our Romanian partners were very nice and kind. We felt as we were at home. Here you can see all of us in front of their Comenius Corner inside the school:

Wowwwww!!!! We forgot to tell you that the school we visited is in Piatra Neamt, which is a lovely and cosy town in Moldavia. We would like to show you some pictures from the town center.

During our stay in Piatra Neamt we could visit many interesting places such as Neamt Citadel,  Bicaz Gorges or Rosso Lake. Here we show you one of the pictures we took during our trips around the Lake:

During the meals we had the chance to speak and share our experiences with our Comenius partners:

And… of course, we danced and sang a lot!!!!!! Our Romanian friends had prepared a wonderful concert for all of us. They played all the different instruments that they can play and they also sang beautifully. We also took part in the concert as we all sang the Comenius Anthem and the European Anthem, too.

We also sang karaoke:

And we danced traditional Romanian dances:

After spending all these fabulous days in Piatra Neamt we didn’t want to come back home but it was time to leave, so it was time to say bye-bye to our Romanian partners. This is our last picture before taking the minibus back to Bucharest and back home:

We can only send nice and kind words to all the Romanian families who put us up in Piatra Neamt. They were all so nice to us. Thank you very much to all of you!!!!!

And last but not least, we would like to share some pictures we took in Bucharest, as before heading for Piatra Neamt we spent one day in the capital city and we could visit lots of interesting places. Have a look:

And that’s all. We had a great and unforgettable time in Romania.

La revedere!!!!!


05 2013


The third Comenius meeting will take place from 7th May to 13th May  in Piatra Neamt (Romania). Here you can see a picture of the Catalan team that will travel to Romania. Have a look:

We are (from left to right) ÀLEX, MARC, ADRIÀ, CARLOS and ROGER.

We can’t wait to meet you all!!!

See you VERY VERY soon!!!

We would like to show you some photos of our rehearsals.  As you can see below we are rehearsing both the Comenius and the European Anthem. We will do lots of singing in Piatra Neamt (Romania)!!!! And… we are also rehearsing some of the songs that we will sing in the Karaoke activity that the Romanian team is preparing for all of us.  It will be great fun!!!!!!!

Roger, Àlex and Adrià

Marc and Carlos


04 2013